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Lacrimosa Phantom Winter has found the formula for finding melody in pain. When listening to this album, I can feel the dread in every beat, the frantic energy in every note, and the crushing nihilism in every scream. This is one of the most cohesive works of art I've ever heard, and I am now a lifetime fan. Favorite track: Avalanche Cities.
Jan-Dirk Platek
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Jan-Dirk Platek You need this record - no doubt! Favorite track: Corpses Collide.
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Megapsychoticone This album has been described as "Winterdoom" by band member Andreas and I think that term fits this music very well indeed. The songs may have a depressing feel or context but this is offset by the brilliant song stucture and absolute cathartic beauty of melody. These songs are both absolutely formidable in their gravity as well as bone-crushingly heavy. Favorite track: Avalanche Cities.


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19.06. Braunschweig, Nexus w/ Ur
20.06. Kiel, Alte Meierei (Kiel Explode Festival)
31.07. Kötzing, Void Festival
01.08. Berlin, Lido (Stateless Society Festival)
18.09. Stuttgart, Juha West
19.09. Jena, Kassablanca (Deaf Row Fest)
27.11. Köln, Club Privat
28.11. Paderborn, Thumbs Up Festival


released April 24, 2015



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Founded in 2006. It`s not a postrock label!

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Track Name: Corpses Collide
when childhood dies, it's corpses are called adults
the weakness of flesh seems to increase by age
closing your eyes, you find excuses to tell
this world is another planet's hell

when darkness prevails
and everything dies
the rotten earth shudders
and corpses collide

in a circle I collide
with corpses crawling side by side
please tell me am I dead/alive
a corpse in an eternal strife

„You guys wanna go see a dead body?“ (Vern in „Stand By Me“)
Track Name: Finsterwald
black suns, german
bandnames and
glorification of the holocaust
will never make you evil,
you foolish ignorant whatever you are.

„Black Metal ich mache mir in die Hosen“ (YACØPSAE)
Track Name: Svffer
cornered rats!
theeth teeth teeth armory!
„we didn't know“, they vow.
silence forever!


„where are our neighbors?“
„where are our former friends?“
smoke in the sky.
raining ashes.
screams in the night.
these are the uncovered answers.

homosexuals, sinti, roma, disabled people, everyone who did not fit into the plan
caged in workcamps, tortured to death, raped, experiments on human beings
and you want to tell us, it's time to forget about the past
does the number six followed by six zeros mean anything to you?
we will never forget and we will never accept this will ever be forgotten.

no acceptance
for the lethe
flies witness the lies
flies witness the graves

concealed inhumanity seems to be more human than anyone wants to believe.

„Ein Deutscher ist ein Mensch, der keine Lüge aussprechen kann, ohne sie selbst zu glauben." (T. W. Adorno)
Track Name: Avalanche Cities
here I am
born into the light
let's run the rest of the way
darkness shall not catch us
damned be him who cries

avalanche cities!
inhale inhale inhale explode!
avalanche cities!
rebuilt yourself

I feel the vultures over my head
tell me what I need
then give me a good reason
to stay in the light

avalanche cities!
inhale inhale inhale explode!
avalanche cities!
rebuilt yourself

swallow yourself
swallow your dreams.
avalanche cities
again and again.

“If the City Paranoiac dreams, it is not accessible to us. Perhaps the Ci-ty dreamed of an-other, en-emy city, float-ing across the sea to invade the es-tuary . . . or of waves of darkness . . . waves of fire . . . Perhaps of being swallowed again, by the immense, the si-lent Mother Con-tinent? It’s none of my business, city dreams. . . But what if the Ci-ty were a growing neo-plasm, across the centuries, always chang-ing to meet exactly the chang-ing shape of its very worst, se-cret fears?” (Gwenhidwy in Thomas Pynchon's Gravity’s Rainbow)
Track Name: Wintercvlt
oh holy control!
whispers of conspiration and salvation
hand in hand
duty and capacity
more efficiency über alles
with one final goal
the destruction of anything and anyone different

we love our delusions
we know where to find our scapegoats
aberrations will be extinguished
teach us and we will follow
destroy all cvlts!
obey the wintercvlt!

„All religion, my friend, is simply evolved out of fraud, fear, greed, imagination, and poetry.“
(Edgar Allan Poe)