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(presented by Ox & Livegigs.de, PrettyInNoise.de und Music-Scan.de)

09.04.15 Germany Siegen @ Vortex
10.04.15 Holland Tilburg @ Roadburn Festival
11.04.15 Germany Karlsruhe @ Dude Fest
12.04.15 Germany Essen @ Panic Room
13.04.15 Germany Hamburg @ Headcrash
14.04.15 Denmark Copenhagen @ UnderWerket
15.04.15 Germany Berlin @ Magnet
16.04.15 Germany Leipzig @ Conne Island
17.04.15 Austria Wien @ Arena
18.04.15 Italy Milano @ Lo Fi Club – Pescara Fest
19.04.15 Germany München @ Feierwerk
22.04.15 France Eragny (Paris) @ Covent Garden
23.04.15 Belgium Antwerp @ Kavka
24.04.15 UK London @ Barfly
25.04.15 UK Bristol @ Hit The Deck Fest
26.04.15 UK Nottingham @ Hit The Deck Fest

Shows without JUNIUS:
29.04.15 EI Cork @ Bradley`s
30.04.15 EI Dublin @ Fibber Magee`s
01.05.15 EI Belfast @ Bar With No Name
02.05.15 EI Portrush @ The Atlantic


released March 20, 2015


all rights reserved



Golden Antenna Records Aue Fallstein, Germany

Founded in 2006. It`s not a postrock label!

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Track Name: The Light You Stole
turns out the light you stole wasn't bright enough to lead you away
from the dead end you were destined for
it burned out one night with a delicate whisper in the softest rain
and a look in her eyes

they crowned you king, like in a dream
but power's an unpredictable thing
now they're back to reclaim it

you invited everyone to this cerebral masquerade
but the turnout's less than you hoped for
you can't believe their interest in the life of the party could fade
but it diminishes until they watch you

break into a million pieces
when they see the mess that you've made
no one's gonna clean it

they crowned you king, like in a dream
but power's an unpredictable thing
now they're back to reclaim it

you can paraphrase every thought from antiquity
like they're your own
it seems intellectual but the posturing
is getting old
and the awkward phrasing of your borrowed ideas
has run its course

if only you'd recognized at the top
at the bottom is where you belong

you'll fade into obscurity thinking
'my god it should've been me'
but it's too late to change it
Track Name: Alarm
in the pre-dawn haze
strap in for a long ride, hungover from last night
twelve hours to go
cruise missile flies with a message toward its target
it’s programmed not to forget: “how lucky you are, right?”
arrived at the same time
at our destination, still too late
i ran for my life
destruction was complete i fell in its wake

came to just as
the room began to spin, a red light flashed in tandem
with my heart beat
screaming alarm became a deafening roar
leveled everything ceiling to floor

the bomb became mine
shadow of our union burned on the wall
i ran for my life
destruction was complete i fell in its wake

i stood helpless, unaware this
agent of punishment was tracking me down
seeking heat
Track Name: Metadata Blues
i read in the news today
something about how
they're tapping into the phone lines
it don't matter anyway
there's nothing to be done now
beside i got nothing to hide

these days
you know you can't be too careful
i trust they have their reasons
as long i get left alone

i really appreciate
knowing there's someone somewhere
who cares enough to look out for me
helping to keep my secrets safe
and analyzing my thoughts
the attention's flattering

the headline said what i always guessed
but what am i supposed to do?
got a family to feed and no time free
how can i deal with this too?
the headline said what i never would've guessed
but what am i supposed to do?
i'm going out tonight and without this device
life would come unglued

they used the network to rewire my brain
and now i don't think straight
it's clear something's wrong
can't seem to focus on anything
reality's blurring
Track Name: Preeminence
the conversation goes
round and round you should know
you're a veritable fountain of expertise
a guiding light that shows
how bright i should glow
so lucky to get your sage advice for free

you can take an illiterate man and teach him how to read
but you can't force the meaning
stand next to a blind man and describe the scenery
but it won't help him to see

clinging to old
habits that show
cognitive dissonance with no sign of fading
believing as you do
dominion lies with you
constantly defending your position must be draining
Track Name: Private Party
wide awake and i like it so much
alert for days if i just take this
same old drink all the time got old
need something more discreet
i believe i'm flying
under your radar

walked into a trap that i thought was my way out
been caught in it for so long, don't think i'll shake it now

going down with a crash i fall
turning away since i can't face this
running around every night got old
i just need some sleep
just let me be
i can't believe i

walked into a trap which was also my way out
been caught in it for so long don't think i'll shake it now

locked away to hide
this way there's no right or wrong
the pleasure i derive is all my own
shut em out to hide
this way i am never wrong
the pain that i survive is all my own
Track Name: Illawarra Escarpment
wait for you to gain ground but i don’t expect you will
so i move on
ascend toward a view you could not imagine if you tried
at the base it passed you by

went to the top
saw everything around and i knew
something in me changed
but you weren’t there
if i’m not mistaken
the climb wasn’t worth the strain

wait for you to come around but i don’t think you will
time moves on
extends in front of you but you can’t see it locked inside
someday you’ll find it passed you by
Track Name: Lost It
drawn in again, another night lost
dreaming of the day the water rushes in
sometimes i forget to turn the light off
crashed out sitting upright after 4AM

the sun rose in the western sky
didn’t strike me as odd at the time
but then again i could not shift my eyes
away from the clouds on fire

i turn around i can no longer doubt i’ve
spun off and lost it now
open my mouth but i can’t figure out how
to make any sound come out

raised up in church, i guess it makes sense
used to hope i’d be alive to watch the world end
preacher alluded to it every now and then
fixated solely on what’d been promised him
Track Name: Hardwired
the building lurches toward me
columns bearing such a load
doors open by themselves for me
standing stoic guards cast no shadows
as though compelled by some force i
can’t understand i move ahead
follow the steps of those before me
it’s all hard-wired in my head

once again stuck in grinding gears being reduced to dust to blow away
in the wind our sins scatter like seeds, take root deep and grow again
it’s no surprise: what goes around comes around and will do so til the end of time
Track Name: The Old Man
a few years back
they say a teenage girl on a makeshift raft
went off into the water and
she never came back
she was way too loaded to swim
the current was raging and it pulled her in
they never found a body but they searched to no end

the river flows on
ever changing, true to none
its endless miles
apologize to no one
the river flows on
indifferent to everything
watch it breach its banks
and then quietly recede

some say she asked for it
as she went sinking down
they watched her drown

the talking heads are going on about
a record breaking epic drought
but from 35,000 feet i look down
see the tops of the houses submerged
watch a barge move upstream unimpressed like it hadn't heard
crops are destroyed, famine's assured

for so long
i've been captivated by
her sweet meandering song
at the gathering of waters i sing along

some say what happened
is divine vengeance on that town
but i have my doubts
Track Name: Mile High
he fled to the hills some years ago
left the old ghosts behind
bought a one-way ticket to start a brand new life

it got so bad
but here i can make it
i can teach myself to survive

he wrestles all night with his memory
sees flashes of his former life
but turns over writes them off as a synapse misfire

struck out alone into the wild, like a man exiled
slept in the bitter cold but after a while
he built a new home up a mile high, but never did say goodbye
under the falling snow he swore he wouldn’t make the same mistake twice

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